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SEBOLOGIE Blemish correction keratolytic solution

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Keratolytic solution

How to Use

Apply at night onto the face, using a cotton pad. Use alone or before your LIERAC skincare cream. Avoid contact with the eyes. A slight tingling or itching may be felt on application. Apply less frequently if necessary.

Main Benefits

THE PREPARING TREATMENT THAT TARGETS 3 TYPES OF IMPERFECTIONS: Shiny skin – Dilated pores – Spots and residual marks Inspired by the deep-cleansing resurfacing aesthetic procedure*, this solution with peeling action provides a specific response to fight imperfections at every stage in their development. Zinc gluconate, with sebum-regulating and astringent properties, acts on shiny skin and dilated pores. Salicylic acid, with keratolytic action, acts on spots and residual marks. Glycolic and lactic acids provide purifying and deep-cleansing properties. Immediately, skin is mattified. After 28 days, skin is purified, with no drying effect, spots are corrected and pores unclogged.** The active texture of this fresh and astringent lotion provides an instant purifying effect. The fresh and musky fragrance, with notes of grapefruit, cedar and musk, gives an instant feeling of well-being and purity. *Deep-cleansing resurfacing is an aesthetic treatment that consists of exfoliating the skin to stimulate cell renewal. Pores are unclogged; the skin is deeply cleansed and purified. **Clinical study on 51 volunteers - keratolytic solution + regulating gel + stop spots concentrate - % of satisfaction

Key Ingredients

Active ingredients from the best of science and nature. - Zinc gluconate: action on shiny skin and dilated pores Sebum-regulating & astringent actions - Salicylic acid: action on spots and residual marks Regulates cell renewal (keratolytic action) - Glycolic and lactic acids: purifying and deep-cleansing action Peeling action (eliminate dead cells)

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